A Lifeline for all Indigenous people in Washington state.

Native counselors are available 24/7 for people:

  • Experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Thinking about suicide.
  • Seeking support.
How it Works

A suicide-prevention, crisis and help line.

We listen and provide support to Native people.

I’m thinking about suicide or experiencing a mental health crisis.

When you call:

You’ll be connected with a tribal crisis counselor, trained in active listening. They will talk with you to determine whether you are in danger now.

Your counselor will talk with you to help you feel better, and they can connect you with further mental health resources.

If the counselor believes you are in danger, they will work with you to create a safety plan that does not include a call to emergency services. Fewer than 2% of calls to the Native and Strong Lifeline result in 911 calls.

I’m concerned about someone who may be thinking about suicide.

If you’re calling to support a friend or family member:

The counselor will guide you through how to help them. They will share resources and guidance for you to support your friend.

We serve all Indigenous people in Washington state.

  • American Indian and Alaska Native people.
  • First Nations people.
  • Tribal members and unenrolled descendents.
  • You can call regardless of your tribe’s homeland.

All our counselors are Native people.

  • We are Native counselors trained to listen and provide support and resources.
  • We are tribal members and descendents who understand Native cultures and healing.
For and by Indigenous People

Centering Native people’s experiences.

Mental health care is a normal part of care that every Native person deserves. Seeking support when you’re struggling or thinking about suicide is a sign of strength.

You are not alone.
 And you are strong.

Many Native families, tribes, and communities are living with the effects of forced removal from our lands, forced assimilation, and other abuses.

Our counselors know the complexity of our peoples’ shared trauma. We also understand our shared sources of strength and resilience.

We find healing in traditional practices.

When a Native person in crisis reaches a member of our all-Native counseling staff, they’ll hear a familiar voice.

Counselors consider culture and tradition as they talk with callers. You’ll connect with a person who can understand your needs.

Other Resources

For other types of service and support, contact the Native Resource Hub.

Indigenous people in Washington state can also call the Native Resource Hub to find culturally appropriate resources. The Hub helps Native people find utility or housing help, look for treatment or recovery programs, and connect with many other services.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis

or thinking about suicide:
from a phone with a Washington state area code.
Confidential support from Native
counselors is available 24/7, at no charge.
For other types of support, contact the Native Resource Hub.